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Victor White's gamification deck at Vator Spark

Social + Gamification: Better User Experience, Better Engagement, Better Data

Innovation series by Kristin Karaoglu
June 29, 2012
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"Social + Gamification: Better User Experience, Better Engagement, Better Data" by Victor White
View more presentations from's Victor White talks about  Social + Gamification at Vator Spark. 
Gamification works best when users can compete with their friends. As businesses look to gamify their web properties, ensuring that social rewards are tied to to users' social graphs is paramount to building sustained engagement. By seamlessly tying gamification with users' social identities, business can build a better user experience, leverage incredible customer insights, and drive valuable user behavior. 
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Description: Gigya’s mission is to socialize the rest of the web. We provide websites with a complete social infrastructure that creates immersi...
Bio: Victor White is senior marketing manager at Gigya where he develops and executes strategies relating to branding, corporate pos...

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