Install Live Chat Application for Zendesk

Install Live Chat Application for Zendesk

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June 12, 2012
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Zendesk is web based help desk software that is used by over 10000 companies world-wide and we are very feeling happy to announce that Banckle Chat is now available for Zendesk help desk application.  Banckle Chat is one of our key products which you can use to communicate with your website visitors and users to address their queries. You can now collaborate with your visitors in a much better and efficient way. You will be surprised to see the number of features provided by Banckle Chat. Read official blog post at Announcing Banckle Live Chat for Zendesk.

Steps for Banckle Chat integrate on Zendesk

  • Copy widget code from here
  • Log into your Zendesk account (e.g;
  • On the top menu, click Settings and then select Extensions.
  • Click Add Widget under Widgets tab.
  • Scroll down and click the Global JavaScript.
  • Enter Subject and select option from Available for dropdown that best suits your needs. In the Content text area, paste your Banckle Live Chat Widget code.
  • Login to your Banckle account and copy widget code from your Banckle Live Chat widget settings.
  • In content text area of zendesk:
    • Replace URL in Widget.require() under <!-- Monitoring Code --> with URL that you copied from Banckle Live Chat widget settings.
    • Replace button image code in document.write(“”) on second line under <!-- Chat Link Code --> with button code that you copied from Banckle Live Chat widget settings.
  • Click Submit button.
  • The Banckle Live Chat for Zendesk is successfully integrated.

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Overview: Banckle Chat

Banckle Chat is your FREE online chat and customer support solution. It is fully customizable and includes a variety of built-in templates, themes, widgets and tools for boosting customer service productivity. It achieves the great scalability by allowing multiple websites, multiple departments and multiple operators. You get all the freedom to customize the support structure as you like. Other important live support features like canned messages, file sharing, SSL encryption, proactive invitation, 24 x 7 support, visual and sound notifications are also supported. You can also track visitors and monitor their browsing activities using the analytics & reporting features.

Read more about Banckle Chat:

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