FileTrek now available for iPad

Now team members on-the-go can access and collaborate on files

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June 8, 2012
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File-sharing platform FileTrek announced this week that its service is now available for iPad, allowing workgroup managers and team members in the field to monitor projects and team member activity.

The mobile tool is the latest offering from FileTrek, which emerged from stealth mode in February to announce its $10 million financing round.  FileTrek for iPad allows managers and team members to stay up-to-date on projects and people by literally following or tracking them.  For example, a manager who wants to keep tabs on a specific project can follow that project by tapping the star next to it (like you would to bookmark a page on Google Chrome), which creates a shortcut on the user’s dashboard. 

Similarly, managers can find out what their team members are working on by starring individual members, which pulls up all of the projects that they’re currently working on, as well as their latest activity.

But FileTrek goes beyond simple oversight to allow managers to go in-depth into individual projects by pulling up their “genealogy,” so to speak.  With the tap of a button, users can peer into all of the documents that have been used to compile a report or project, which can help determine whether someone is on the right track.

Users can also receive updates when a file has been changed, reviewed, or removed.

“The speed of the mobile work environment can make it very difficult for managers and team members alike to meet in-person to review and report on the status of shared projects,” said Carol Mason, Director of Product Management at FileTrek. “Managers want to view data and activity while on the go, and team members want to report the status of their work without having to write a report or make a phone call.”

FileTrek launched in February with $10 million in financing from Anthem Venture Partners, Telesystem Ltd., and Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund.  Check out Bambi Francisco’s interview with CEO Dale Quayle here.

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