Eventster wants you to find activities near you

Get recommendations from friends, neighbors to see what events you just can't miss this weekend

Technology trends and news by Krystal Peak
June 8, 2012
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Summer is here for most of us and that hopefully means more time to enjoy the nice weather and some great events in cities across the country. So if you are out there wondering what there is to do this weekend in your town, there is a new iPhone and iPad app launching today that could help you out. 

Eventster compiles roughly 600,000 events per day across North America and Europe via the Zvents API to help users find activities like concerts, festivals, theater showtimes, sports events, and more.

Within the app users are able to recommend or turndown different activities to help power future recommendations and see what is trending in your area.

If you live in a bustling city like I do, you know there are a million events, the hard part is finding out about the ones that you would most like to go to in time to get tickets. This app could be a solution. 

To use the app, you first sign in with Facebook, and then you can browse through the all of the trending events or do a more advanced keyword search. 

The company behind Eventster, Tackable, was founded in late 2010 and raised $535,000 from MediaNews before bringing this activity app to the App Store. 

With a small core team of just six people working on Eventster, the company is working on raising its Series A round at the moment.

There has been a lot of buzz and change in the activity, ticketing and check-in segment of Internet tech lately. Just yesterday Foursquare finally rolled out its redesign to place the check-in portion off of the center focus and play up the venue and event recommendations.

Tech companies and businesses see the value in having a tool to get the buzz going. And since most people are interested in what their friends like and are doing, many apps find ways to encourage people to connect with their contacts and leave tips to give more than just a Yellow Pages listing or semi-anonymous review. 

We are also seeing the opportunity for mobile payment services to open up in the recommendation and friend-suggestion arena. 


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