Facebook game CelebrityMe makes you a star

After a $2M fund infusion this year, Seismic Games creates a Hollywood experience for social games

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March 28, 2012
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Social game startup Seismic Games launched Wednesday a Hollywood task-driven game, CelebrityMe, on Facebook.

The new game is a character-driven game that puts the player into the role of managing their own celebrity -- from picking red carpet apparel and casting a co-star for a movie to posing for photos with the paparazzi and signing autographs at premieres.

So, unlike the biggest social gaming company, Zynga (which puts a lot of focus on building individual city's and properties), Seismic is looking to create very personal and specific characters to traverse through various games and tasks.

The Los Angeles-based company just exited its stealth period in January when it announced it had raised $2 million from DFJ Frontier, venture capitalist Tom Matlack, and other entertainment investors. 

CelebrityMe builds a personal narrative for an up-and-coming actor that has to go through the grid of Hollywood networking, movie production and all the nitty gritty beauty routines that keep them camera-ready.

Like many Facebook application games, CelebrityMe encourages sharing and collaboration with friends in your social network -- since you know every celebrity has lots of Hollywood entourage to hit the cafes with and invite to their latest premieres.

The game also embraces all that is sensational with celebrity as well, including the ability to over indulge at a nightclub and get into a fight -- needless to say, those types of actions will hurt your reputation. 

The creators definitely have a sense of humor that they want the users to enjoy. I recommend using the tools to build your own movie trailer to see just what potential you can create -- it has a lot of potential for laughs.

Other games in a similar space, but not specifically focused on being a Hollywood-type are Electronic Arts’ The Sims Social and CrowdStar’s It Girl.

With our tabloid-driven culture this game has some potential to strike a cord with people that love to think that anyone would like to live the life of a celebrity.

This Seismic announcement also happens to come the same day that previews are spilling out about the upcoming latest version of Sims' that is expected for release in 2013: Sim City.

The upcoming Sims reboot looks like it has all the makings for a realistic approach to city planning -- including injecting a few Occupy movements, homeless members of society, diversity or even gentrification, depending on your neighborhood -- I'm also crossing my fingers for some trust-fund hipsters with fixie bikes.

It's been four years since a new Sim's game has hit the market and a lot of people have been interested to see just what social, world, and character-driven content would come from the gaming pioneer in the wake of all these other Web and mobile pop-ups gaining traction.


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