The new Vevo wants you to watch, listen on Facebook

Vevo launched new functions, design to make it easier to share with friends.

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March 9, 2012
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The second largest video property after YouTube, Vevo, has launched a redesign and now offers new functionality to increase the site stickiness. The new Vevo offers a Facebook playlist, iTunes syncing and continuous play to better recommend and offer music all the time for its viewers. 

At the start of this year, Vevo proved it could attract 51.5 million unique viewers, according to comScore and has proved that the music video content is in very high demand -- despite the continued music shunning that television channels have enacted.

VEVO is a joint venture between Sony Music, Universal Music, and Abu Dhabi Media, to create a Hulu for music videos. Vevo has also signed licensing agreements so that YouTube can republish the Vevo content and had been, reportedly, in talks with Facebook to create a similar licensing agreement. 

Thos talks likely revolved around the fact that, despite YouTube being on the scene for seven years, and Vevo only being a live site for around two years, Vevo has build a viewership one-third the size of YouTube (51+ million to YouTube's 130 million.)

All aspects of online video content has been growing sizably over the last few years -- with YouTube streaming over three billion hours in December.

And it appears that the talks with Facebook went well, since the new Vevo design went live Friday and when users login using Facebook, the site scans your newsfeed and daily Facebook data to create a personalized playlist. 

So for those of you that have likes an artist or shared a music video in the past on your wall, Vevo will take that history to build a personal playlist to keep you grooving while you Facebook stalk exes.

There is also a Vevo iTunes Match option (you don't have to opt-in) that will also scan your iTunes library to create a playlist of music videos that matches your most listened-to artists.

All of these features plus the talk to utilize a music intelligence platform, The Echo Nest, to discover music videos personalized to their personal preference equals lots of on-site time (and advertisers love seeing those numbers). 

And with a catalog of more than 45,000 videos, people could keep discovering music video (or just listening to the songs) for hours.

Vevo also updated the design of its player, which is now bigger, and has beefed up the information on the artist, read lyrics and browse news on the band that can be explored in tandem with listening/viewing.

This change comes, not just to the website, but also the iPhone and Android apps, as well as the Facebook and Xbox apps. An iPad app is also on its way.

These updates make the Vevo experience more competitive with Spotify and Pandora  -- with the added perk of videos. 

This shiny overhaul also makes it easier to share what you are watching with any of your hundreds of Facebook friends -- which is a discovery and usership feature that no online service would dream of being left out of. 

Now we will just have to see if these changes do more for adding new users or just keeping existing viewers on the site.

Pandora (NYSE: P) was set to open Friday morning at $10.79.

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