Vator Splash Finalist: YouHaveIWant

YouHaveIWant can help you match your 'wants' and 'haves' with other people. Think used items!

Technology trends and news by Chris Caceres
June 3, 2010
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New York-based YouHaveIWant, competed a few weeks ago at our Vator Splash event in San Francisco.  The company's co-founder, Vik Panda presented his pitch on stage in front of several hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors.  Here's the video we captured and a summary of what the company is working on.

Real-time matching is what this startup is all about.  YouHaveIWant is an alternative platform for buying and selling items from user to user.  The company uses P2P, location-based technology that matches people based on their 'Wants' and 'Haves.'  For example, say I'm looking for a new Fender guitar, I submit a 140 character message to YHIW, and if there is a match, YHIW lets me communicate with whoever may have what I want.  Simple as that.


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Description: What if there were a way that you could say what you want, and instantly be matched with someone nearby who has what you are looking for?...

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