Week 6 Video: How to go really fast

The great startups get an amazing amount of sh&*t done!

Innovation series by Rachel Barge
November 2, 2011 | Comments
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Week Six from Greenstart on Vimeo.

Highlights from this week’s video:

Matched Mentors such as Will Glaser, founder of Pandora, support Greenstart’s startups in identifying their key priorities and making monumental progress towards them.

University of Michigan sends 30 MBA’s and PhD’s to learn about Greenstart’s accelerator program – maybe a future founder is in the midst?

Andres Wydler, cleantech entrepreneurship guru from Stanford, gives a primer on cleantech stratup funding opportunities.

The race towards Investor Day is on.


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Description: Greenstart is an accelerator program providing a fast runway to success for entrepreneurs addressing the energy challenge at the intersec...
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