CEO Todd Vernon on Lijit (just bought by FM)

Why did Federated Media buy Lijit? Hear Todd Vernon explain Lijit's business

Entrepreneur interview by Bambi Francisco Roizen
October 5, 2011
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This week, Federated Media Publishing scooped up Lijit Networks, which just raised $10 million this past April. The acquisition could be seen as great timing for Lijit, whose revenue has been growing 50% month over month over the last six months. This year, sales are expected to be $12 million, then $20 million in 2012. I caught up with CEO Todd Vernon just before the acquisition. We even touched on the various partners that would be a complementary fit, including Federated. 

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Lijit Networks
Description: Lijit Networks, Inc. was incorporated in June 2006 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. By providing innovative advertising service...
Bio: Todd is the CEO of Lijit Networks which he founded in 2006.

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