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June 22, 2011 last edited June 22, 2011 4:24 PM
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Delip Andra is the founder and CEO of Twezr, developers of a popular personal organizer app for e-mail and social networks by the same name. Andra is an accomplished entrepreneur and in this HP Startup Central Tips for Entrepreneurs episode “Solving a Problem,” he shares practical tips on getting started and being successful.  
Andra’s years of experience have taught him, “It’s really about execution.” Once you have an idea in hand, it’s vital to think about the entire business model and determine up front what issues you’ll run into. He finds that technology companies often fail because they don't carefully plan out the product market and distribution channels. Andra notes that having a strong partnership with a larger company is extremely valuable for getting to market and aiding in distribution, “If you look at successful startups, they’ve really climbed on the shoulders of giants.”

Andra highlights mobile computing, cloud, and big data processing as three spaces with a lot of opportunity right now. As an entrepreneur, he maintains a solutions-oriented outlook, “Solving a problem… that’s what keeps me inspired and gets me going.”


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