Noon Tea

Why companies eat too much (Tech)

Lessons learned from observer or expert by Daniel Ketter
March 22, 2011
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For the longest time I did not understand this practice. You sit down and under indulge on Tea and Cookies. I really saw this as food for naughty prisoners (not that I have ever been to prison). But now I am starting to see some brilliance in this practice. If you are far enough away from breakfast and close enough to lunch: why not? The problem seems to be our culture's need to over indulge. This is a practice we carry over to almost all corners of our short lives. Now we have to supersize, upgrade, expand and enlarge (Think octomom). This is the same thinking that always ends in a bubble (dotcom,housing,Facebook). The Tech industry has embraced this philosophy whole heartedly. You just need a small amount of support and they give you the supersized version. You just need 5 engineers for 3 months and they give you their whole bench for a year. You want a project brought in on time, on budget and they, well, forget about it. What I am proposing and what the Tech Support Revolution requires is that you start a Tech diet. You should only have the needed portions of Tech support. You should only have the Engineers, Projects and Services needed to fill your company's belly. If you still require supersizing, go talk to the scary looking guy in the red wig and yellow jumper.

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