The next billion-dollar idea - Part 2 of 5

Reena Jadhav interviews Saad Khan of CMEA

Investor interview by Reena A Jadhav
March 9, 2011
Short URL: http://vator.tv/n/1792

Reena Jadhav interviewed Saad Khan of CMEA Ventures at Vator Splash on his thoughts on the next billion dollar space, his favorite startups and tips on pitching him. Saad starts off by sharing that he invests in the entrepreneur and not necessarily the idea. To quote him, "I invest almost exclusively in people – really smart people! Regardless of what you are doing if you are one of those people then email me saad@cmea.com"

Watch the interview for the types of entrepreneurs Saad has invested in, people who are wired a little differently and have been demonstrating that for a while. 

So what is the next billion dollar space? He shares two areas: Changing of page rank to something else such as "People Rank" or "Like Rank" presents a significant opportunity. How do you establish authority around a person and how does that change Search and Navigation paradigms.

The other space he's excited about is Crowdsourcing. How do you capture people’s marginal hour to disrupt industries. Example of Wikipedia – engaging people online to do things faster, better, cheaper. Saad has an investment in this space which uses people and technology to tag transactable items in a photo or an image and then compensated based on performance of that ad unit. Watch the interview to learn more about this exciting new startup in image monetization space!

His recommendation on how to pitch him? Tell your story and what you're passionate about! Numbers and projections can wait.

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