Using game dynamics to engage the customer

Lithium Technologies CEO Lyle Fong on how games can be used to motivate customers

Entrepreneur interview by Bambi Francisco Roizen
January 13, 2011 | Comments
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As social gaming site Zynga and location-based check-in site Foursquare have clearly shone, people love games. So, how do you create game-like incentives to engage a customer? Lithium Technologies should know. Best Buy signed on Lithium to help the retailer motivate its customer base and cultivate the 1% of them who are outspoken zealots and company advocates.  In this interview, Lyle Fong, CEO and founder of Lithium Technologies, shares a case study about one Best Buy fan who's answered 4,000 customer service questions for the big retailer, on a volunteer basis. 

What are these game dyamics that create such volunteers? The game dynamics are such that people are able to share information about themselves and earn a reputation. Watch Lyle explain how Lithium is helping corporations do this.

(Note: In the next segment, watch Lyle explain how Lithium is making money by helping corporations tap social communities. Watch our last segment: Who's the social customer?)

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Lithium Technologies
Description: Your customers are everywhere. Lithium helps you find your social customers, understand their influence, and build lasting relationships....
Bio: Lyle is the co-founder and CEO of a stealth mobile gaming company. Prior, Lyle also co-founded Lithium and

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