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An overview of the finalists who will be pitching at the Amplify business pitch competition

Technology trends and news by Faith Merino
November 18, 2010
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Updated to include Is That Odd, Inc.

Thursday’s Amplify business pitch competition in San Francisco will spotlight a number of competitive woman-led startups.  The event, which is being hosted by Vator and Girls In Tech, will feature two keynote addresses from angel investor Esther Dyson, and Eric Ries, author, speaker, and consultant at The Lean Startup. 

In the Consumer Products category, startups who will be pitching include:

Is That Odd, Inc.: a social network geared toward women aged 35 and over. The site,, offers a space where adult women can share stories, vote in polls, and rate products, reflecting the energy of a TV Talk Show in what the company calls Talk Show 2.0. a boutique shopping community that brings shoppers and merchants together in an online marketplace.  The marketplace features products ranging from clothes and home décor to accessories and wine. a service network that connects wedding professionals and engaged couples.  The platform allows wedding professionals (planners, caterers, etc.) to create their own customized micro-sites with their own unique URLs, and engaged couples can find quality local wedding professionals and receive tips and advice.

Everloop: a social networking site for “tweens” aged 8-13.  The site ensures that young Web users can socialize, play games, and collaborate on projects in a protected and private online space.  Essentially a Facebook or MySpace for kids, the site’s privacy protection and monitoring features keep its young users from sharing information with people outside of their private social loops.

Micromobs: a September Vator Splash finalist, Micromobs allows users to create private online social circles, as opposed to the all-or-nothing Facebook dilemma, where your parents might see a status update and pictures meant only for your friends.  Users can use the site for anything from casual discussion threads to planning trips and staying connected with groups and organizations.

Rrripple: a social networking site for kids, teachers and parents.  The site offers an intuitive timeline-based interface that allows for private group sharing so that users can control the media that they share.  Teachers can use the site to upload lesson plans, lecture notes, supporting materials, and can engage with their students.

O2 Max: a health and fitness startup that focuses on kids, teens, and college students.  The site leverages the power of social media to engage kids and young adults in fitness activities to promote active and healthy lifestyles.

In the Enterprise category, competing startups include:

Tripping: a travel-based social networking site that connects travelers, known on the site as Trippers, with locals, known as Hosts.  The service offers Trippers the chance to gain a richer, more nuanced travel experience while Hosts can show off their communities.  Hosts might offer travel tips, advice on where to get the best food, or even open up their homes to Trippers.

Loudsauce: a crowd-funding advertising platform that allows Web users to contribute small amounts of money to support ads for social causes.  For a minimum contribution of $15, users can get ads for their favorite organizations on television, magazines, billboards, and more.

Wild Webbies: a self-described “triple bottom line” green, educational, and social site for kids.  Modeled on popular animal-themed tween sites Webkinz and Club Penguin, Wild Webbies features educational games based around the idea of protecting the environment and saving endangered species. 

TigerTrade: a business-to-business website that helps international firms connect and manage their businesses in developing world markets.  Through the TigerTrade website, firms can build profiles, showcase their products, and connect with international buyers. a digital media and e-commerce learning platform that acquires and manages data on user purchases and marketing. focuses on providing behavior market research to its clients. described as an automated mobile teller, MOBI-PAL allows users to use the app as a mobile ATM.  By partnering with merchants, MOBI-PAL allows users to withdraw funds from their banks using their mobile devices, with the merchant’s cash register being used as the cash dispenser.  Electronic tender is issued in the form of a barcode and a transaction number, allowing shoppers to purchase goods without having to stop at an ATM or dig around for a credit card.

MyDemocracy: a personalized, non-partisan political portal that gives American Web users the opportunity to connect with elected officials quickly and easily.  With one click, users can access the right elected official, communicate according to Capitol Hill protocol, and make sure that they are doing so at the most effective times, such as when bills are being voted on. 

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