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Reena Jadhav speaks with Randy Williams, founder of Keiretsu Forum - a leading angel network

Innovation series by Reena A Jadhav
July 14, 2010 | Comments (1)
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Reena Jadhav talks to Randy Williams, founder of Keiretsu Forum, about angel investing on her show, "Cashing Out: Exits and Valuations with Reena Jadhav."

In this segment, Randy talks about what entrepreneurs need to have in place to attract angel funding. He also talks about how much the Keiretsu network invests in angel rounds and what percent of the company a startup should be willing to give up for angel capital.

Randy also talks about a 200-page study conducted on angel investing, and the Keiretsu Forum's returns. You can check out that study here.

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Carter Rankin, on July 15, 2010


Great topic , in regards to your interview with Randy! However Randy's Skype feed is so terrible that it actually creates a negative. I found myself going back over the interview, just to clarify a few of the points he was trying to make. Again, good topic, but terrible delivery. You of course sounded/looked great !

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