VatorSplash Finalist: Mindbloom

A social game which aims to help its users maintain a healthier life

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June 8, 2010 | Comments
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Seattle-based Mindbloom, competed a few weeks ago at our Vator Splash event in San Francisco.  The company's co-founder, Brent Poole presented his pitch on stage in front of several hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors.  Here's the video we captured and a summary of what the company is working on.

Mindbloom has built what it calls a "Life Game."  It's an online game which aims to help its users maintain a healthier life.  The whole objective is to complete daily actions in your life for your tree to grow healthier and earn seeds to purchase more leaves.  Some of the daily actions are things like, "drink eight glasses of water," or "clean one room in the house."  Recently, the startup blogged on Vator that it's seen traffic rise 92%.  Users can play alone or take advantage of the games social elements.

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