April 3 is coming: iPad launch five days away

Apple's mythical tablet computer flies from legend into reality in just a few days, hype keeps going

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March 29, 2010 | Comments (2)
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The launch of the Apple iPad is less than a week away. By Saturday, April 3, some lucky Apple fans will be happily swiping left, right, and all-around on their brand new Mac tablets. Here's a round-up of the latest on iPad news and announcements:
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--Customers who have already pre-ordered the iPad through the Apple Store online have begun receiving shipping notices declaring that Apple has started shipping the devices for delivery. Though confirmation of this has been sent out to many customers, don't count on receiving the device before April 3 anyway.

--Slackers who haven't yet pre-ordered the iPad should be happy to hear that "most Best Buy stores" will have the tablet available for purchase this Saturday at 9 AM, confirmed by Apple. Look for long lines.

--Additionally, Apple retail stores will be providing a free Personal Setup service to every iPad customer to help get everybody set up on their new devices. As expected, Apple Stores that host workshops will most certainly highlight the tablet computer's capabilities.

--For anyone curious about what the device actually looks like while running the most rudimentary of applications, Apple has uploaded eleven Guided Tours demonstrating Safari, Mail, Photos, Videos, YouTube, iPod, iTunes, iBooks, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.

--Since Apple's announcing the iPad in late January, the company's stock has risen nearly 17%. Since this time last year, its stock has doubled; on Monday afternoon, it was up $2 to $232.90.

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Bill Keck
Bill Keck, on March 29, 2010

I'm probably going to get one of these. I can't seem to fall in love with my cellphone (had an iphone and got rid of it), but the bigger device is more appealing to me.

Ronny Kerr, on March 29, 2010

I'll just be content as soon as I can try one out anywhere.

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