Pageonce has 1M users, gets $6.5M Series A

Reaching one million users, mobile finance assistant raises new funding

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December 10, 2009
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PageoncePageonce, mobile productivity app for personal use, announced Thursday that it just closed a $6.5 million round of Series A funding, bringing total funds raised to $10 million. This round was led by Israeli venture firm Pitango Venture Capital and Pitango partner Eitan Bek has been added to Pageonce's board of directors.

Additionally, former Bebo executive Jim Scheinman has been hired as Pageonce's new COO and former Quicken/Intuit GM Mark Goines is now an adviser and investor at Pageonce.

And to make the company's news today even bigger, Pageonce also announced that it has just registered its one millionth user.

“One million registered users is a big milestone for us, and it clearly shows we are the leader in mobile personal finance management,” said Guy Goldstein, CEO of Pageonce.  “Our goal is to own the personal information management category on the mobile platform."

Pageonce, which is currently available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile, wants to be the only mobile productivity assistant that anybody will ever need. From bank accounts to travel itineraries, Pageonce provides its users with all their most pressing personal information, and all users need to know is their user name and password. Pageonce aggregates all the user's different accounts in one streamlined interface.

Scanning Pageonce's list of features and one might start to wonder whether one mobile application could actually provide all these features. The personal assistant monitors financial accounts with banks or online retailers, tracks travel itineraries in real-time, logs cell phone minutes and bill due dates, and much more. Further, the user can easily setup push notifications.

With a fully featured elegant app, a string of new hires, new funding, and a new milestone in user count, Pageonce is looking pretty good today.

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