Announcing VatorAcademy

A new platform for entrepreneurial executive education

Financial trends and news by Ezra Roizen
November 3, 2009
Short URL: http://vator.tv/n/b94

Vator on Tuesday launched a new executive education platform, specifically for entrepreneurs. It's called VatorAcademy

Entrepreneurs have to be the ultimate generalists, with proficiency in a number of professional disciplines. Yet many great businesses are launched by innovators with deep understanding of a specific problem, but often less experience in a number of other key areas.

Vator is creating a suite of accelerated learning modules to enable entrepreneurs to quickly and cost effectively fill in any gaps.

Courses will cover an expanding number of topic areas including finance, product development, contract negotiation, venture capital and M&A. To teach these courses VatorAcademy is developing a networking highly talented instructors consisting of successful entrepreneurs and industry experts.

The VatorAcademy is making available to every entrepreneur the resources, tools and techniques normally reserved for only the most connected and highly financed ventures.

We’re excited to create a new venue for the Vator community to share its expertise and to further enhance the success of the companies in our network.

To learn more, click VatorAcademy.

To learn more about our launch course, click New Venture Economics and Financial Modeling.

We look forward to seeing you in the VatorAcademy soon!

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