Former MySQL Chief joins Benchmark

Marten Micos will be the newest entrepreneur-in-residence at the firm that helped fund his company.

Technology trends and news by Matt Bowman
September 30, 2009
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 Marten Micos, former MySQL CEO, is joining Benchmark Capital as an entrepreneur in residence, according to his Tweet yesterday.

Micos headed up MySQL, the most widely-used open-source database, for 7 years until its acquisition by Sun in January 2008 for $1 billion. In a testament to MySQL's dominance, the EU is stalling Oracle's acquisition of Sun as regulators decide whether the two database giants constitute a monopoly.  

Benchmark invested in MySQL's $20 million Series B round in 2003, when the company was 2 years old.  Benchmark partner Kevin Harvey was chairman of MySQL's board before the acquisition.

In a tweet yesterday, the 48-year old Fin explained his thinking: "Why I like @benchmark: They consistently ask 'What's best for the entrepreneur?' and they think big."