The half-million fundraising behind Vidly

Chrys Bader on how Vidly completed a round in just over a month

Innovation series by John Bautista
August 28, 2009 | Comments (2)
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Vidly, a San Francisco-based startup, has raised $500,000 in seed funding from several angel investors, including Ron Conway, who has previously invested in Twitter.

In this segment of fundRazor, host John Bautista talks to Chrys Bader, founder and CEO of Vidly, a Y Combinator graduate that makes it easy to share videos on Twitter.

Bader shares the Vidly story. Like many startups, Vidly's original idea or concept for a company iterated to be something different today. "You have to be very adaptive," said Chrys.

Chrys also talks about why he chose to do a convertible-debt round rather than an equity round, and some of the terms in the deal. 

As John puts it, Vidly managed to do a simple financing, with minor legal costs and a quick turnaround that helped Vidly raise money in just over a month.


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Description: Vidly allows users to share videos on Twitter through their computer, webcam, mobile phone or iPhone.
Chrys Bader
Bio: Silicon Valley angel investor. Ron has invested in over 500 companies in the last 15 years, including Google, PayPal and Ask Jeeves. He's...

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Tony Huff, on October 1, 2009

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Danny McGowan
Danny McGowan, on March 25, 2010

Wonder what domain name vidly could possibly be looking at? very insightful interview. Smart to not waste any time in this rapidly changing digital market. Thanks for sharing guys.

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