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Dysfunctional Wikipedia; Winning a Webby

What am I Missy, Episode 23

Innovation series by Meliza Solan Surdi
June 13, 2009 | Comments (11)
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Have you ever wondered what Wikipedia or a portion of Wikipedia would look like printed? For some reason Rob Matthews printed out 5,000 pages of Wikipedia's featured articles. Why did he do it? According to Matthews: "Reproducing Wikipedia in a dysfunctional physical form helps to question its use as an Internet resource." Although I am not sure what point Matthews is trying to make, I am curious about his pants and sneakers.

See: The first printed volume of Wikipedia

Adam D’Angelo, the former CTO of Facebook is starting his own company. He recently won $25,000 for being recognized as someone with "Engineering Leadership". As part of his Tech Fellow award, D’Angelo must invest the $25k in his own startup or in another. D’Angelo has been around Facebook since its formative days and holds some pretty valuable options. I can’t imagine he needs the $25k for his own company. He should really invest in a company who needs it.

See: Former Facebook CTO on his $25,000 award

The 13th annual Webby Awards were held recently. Honored with the Webby, which by the way looks like a very big wine opener and slinky combined, was a star-studded cast from Lisa Kudrow to Arrianna Huffington. They had some pretty memorable one-liners during their acceptance speech. One of my favorites was Arianna Huffington who said, “I didn’t kill newspapers”.And there was Biz Stone who said, “Creativity is a renewable resource”. Well, isn't that true. Thank goodness for coffee to help renew my creativity.


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Gary Silver
Gary Silver, on June 13, 2009

@Meliza: does that make creativity a rebrewable resource?

Kevin Rivers, on June 14, 2009

Great show Meliza. I would like to know how Rob Matthew, find time to print out 5,000 pages. That's like a physical Flight manual on how to build a jet from the ground up. It's interesting to see other members of greater companies like Facebook to expand into their own ideas. :)

Lorenzo Carver
Lorenzo Carver, on June 14, 2009

Great show Meliza. The graphic really helps. My intuition was way off - I would have expected way more than 24" of content on Wikipedia :) The scale is helpful because compared to a bound set of encyclopedias it appears (from the graphic) that Wikipedia has a way to go with respect to breadth? Naturally, the nature and accessibility of the content and its relevance to daily life is superior on Wikipedia (IMO).

Gary Silver
Gary Silver, on June 15, 2009

I think Rob's awkwardly phrased question of Wikipedia's value as an internet resource has been answered. Internet, good, paper, bad (for anyone who needs it spelled out). @Lorenzo: I had to wonder if Rob's effort captured the full breadth of the online resource, and even how he determined what to include, apparently no easy feat (or two feat, err... 24"). 5,000 appears to be a drastic underestimate. Oct 2005: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:R._fiend/How_many_articles_does_Wikipedia_really_have%3F

Lorenzo Carver
Lorenzo Carver, on June 15, 2009

@Gary - you have a great sense of humor :) I smile every time I watch one of these shows and your comments duplicate that effect. @Meliza, thanks for another excellent episode. Surely there's an award for online video news programs? Kevin's analogy is a good one.

Gary Silver
Gary Silver, on June 15, 2009

@Lorenzo: Thanks, too bad it's illiquid.

Jason Devenney
Jason Devenney, on June 18, 2009

Great Show Meliza

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