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A big company's use of social technologies

HP's VP of digital strategy talks about getting social

Innovation series by Charlene Li
February 6, 2009 | Comments (2)
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Chris Curtin, VP of Digital Strategy at HP, discusses how the company is developing a digital strategy that integrates social technologies to engage with customers. He also shares how to he is leading the adoption of technologies like blogs in a large, diverse organization like HP. 



Craig Oda
Craig Oda, on February 9, 2009

This video rocks! Thanks for putting it together. I would like to see more work like this from Charlene Li. Getting insight from a forward-thinking leader like Chris Curtin is really helpful as I try to understand trends in social media. It must be really a challenge, but also really rewarding, to implement new techniques at a humongous organization like HP.

Mark Rose
Mark Rose, on April 11, 2009

This is wonderful. Thank you for educating the public about how important social media is in the communications mix.

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