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VatorNews videos now distributed on longstanding resource for small business

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January 14, 2009
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I have often picked up Entrepreneur magazine to read on flights.

Over the last year, the flights were more frequent, and the time reading Entrepreneur taken up a notch. Thank goodness for those layovers. During that time, it became increasingly clear that Vator and Entrepreneur complement one another.

We share a similar audience and mission. Entrepreneur is a resource and a voice for the many hard-working entrepreneurs who've left jobs to walk a high wire without safety nets, and have taken risks to pursue a dream. In like vein, Vator has become a home for bright-eyed entrepreneurs seeking to make it big, mostly in Silicon Valley.

But Vator's emphasis is digital media and emerging technology. Our flagship products in our VatorNews newsroom is our many original video productions from interviews with high-profile Silicon Valley executives, our growing library of Lessons learned and advice from entrepreneurs to venture capitalists, and our innovation shows and episodics.

I've often viewed VatorNews as a magazine. Much of our content is more in-depth, rich and evergreen than news blogs. As such, I believe our content is a greater fit with a magazine than a newspaper. 

So, we reached out to Entrepreneur last fall. Soon enough, I was back on a plane, and in Irvine, Calif. meeting with the Entrepreneur team.

Entrepreneur saw the same complementary fit.

Today, I'm excited to say that we are now partnered with Entrepreneur. That means all of our videos in VatorNews will be distributed on Entrepreneur's video section.  Check out our placement here

I'm sure all of our interviewees will enjoy the additional exposure.

I know I'm excited to provide it for them. We look forward to providing video content to Entrepreneur and to more collaboration in the future.