Survival 2010


Valuations are down 50%, get profitable now!

Collin Wiel shares tips and predictions with Reena Jadhav

Innovation series by Reena A Jadhav
December 23, 2008
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How refreshing to finally get a number on the new valuation metric - it's down 50%. So now we know. Collin Wiel, Partner at Keiretsu Forum San Francisco Chapter, shares with Reena Jadhav, CEO nuResume, his top tips for Survival and predictions for 2009.

Tip 1: Forget about building a sales team, the CEO or founder needs to sell. Conserve resources on sales team and focus on profitablity.

Tip 2: If you're in the market raising funding, tell a story around profitability being achieved from the current round being raised. No one's buying the story on "next round will take us to profitability."

Tip 3: If current strategy doesn't allow you to get profitable from this round then rethink your strategy and craft one that does get you to sustainability.

Prediction - 2009 will be the best year for investing - some incredible companies have been started in a downturn. Costs are low, rents are lower, great people are available, and there's fiscal conservatism in the DNA of companies born in a downturn.

So, go ahead, you've got your green light to build your venture. Just make sure you can see the money!

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