Survival 2010


Keiretsu founder on how to get funded now!

Randy Williams gives actionable tips

Innovation series by Reena A Jadhav
December 1, 2008
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The Survival 2010 series covers actionable insights, expert advice, and market predictions from leading investors and executives.

In this segment Reena Jadhav interviews Keiretsu Forum founder Randy Williams. All is well in Keiretsu angel land, with 26 fundings this year and Randy seeing tremendous opportunity to fund great companies at attractive valuations.

His recommendation to entrepreneurs -stay focussed on core, get to profitability and read the sports page to stay positive in these tough times. He also sheds light on the ideal funding candidate for their investors: a pre-money valuation under $5m, strong management team, visible liquidity in 3 years and open to negotiating the valuation. 

Watch the interview to hear actionable tips on getting funded - build deep relationships with investors, be a guest at the next Keiretsu Forum event and more! How can you resist such a gracious invitation when 60% of their presenting companies close funding successfully.


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Bio: Reena Jadhav is a 4 time entrepreneur (, Conduit, JobFlash, Riiwards), now working on, start-up Advisor...

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