Fark founder Drew Curtis says, 'Don't quit'

Advice for new, digital media startups

Lessons learned from entrepreneur by Bambi Francisco Roizen
July 18, 2008
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Drew Curtis founded in 1999 and has grown the property to 60-plus million pageviews, basically on his own. His site - a social media site for odd, satirical news, or not news - has largely been driven by millions of contributors seeking to participate in his community. 

In this "Lessons learned" video, Drew says not to quit - something many entrepreneurs have encouraged. But Drew also advises entrepreneurs who are at the helm of a digital media property that getting advertisers to take notice and pay for your audience takes time. Don't get depressed, he said. Just keep at it.


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Description: Fark is a satirical news forwarding site.  The Fark community identifiesodd, funny and entertaining news stories from across the Web...

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