iJigg's Shadab Frooqui on international online music

Entrepreneur interview by John Shinal
April 2, 2008 last edited July 10, 2008
Short URL: http://vator.tv/n/190

Shadab Frooqui, the youthful co-founder and CEO of the international music-discovery service iJigg, knows online global music markets as well as anyone.

In this interview, he tells Vator.tv why a song can spread so quickly in Thailand, and how users in his hometown of Bombay are using their new affluence to search for hard-to-find music -- but not with MySpace or other sites popular with U.S. users.

In addition to helping fans find international music they might otherwise miss, iJigg is allowing bands to find out where their listeners are.

The company hopes to use that concept to create a new type of business that Frooqui calls "band analytics."