5 co-founders MC Hammer and Geoffrey Arone on how to create the ultimate dance destination [Part 1]

Entrepreneur interview by Bambi Francisco Roizen
December 2, 2007
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In this two-part interview with co-founders MC Hammer and Geoffrey Arone, the company founders talk about how this new social media site is going to become the ultimate repository for all things dance. Before delving into the DanceJam story, Hammer provides a very interesting overview of the evolution of dance from the 1920s to the present. Geoffrey and Hammer then elaborate on how the idea for the site was born and how they became partners in the venture. They also demo some of the features of the site, and talk about the different opportunities the site creates, from sourcing dance talent to cataloguing and curating content around dance.  In the second the part of the interview, which will air on December 4th, they will address the business model of the site, the competitive advantage, partnership opportunities with big media companies, promoting the DanceJam brand at offline events, various ecommerce opportunities around different dance genres, and the funding situation of the company.