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Vator Reports: The Hollywood Writers' Strike

Innovation series by Bambi Francisco Roizen
November 25, 2007 | Comments (5)
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In this episode of the Vator Reports, Bambi Francisco and John Shinal examine the Hollywood Writers’ Strike in detail and explain how it stems from the changing economic model of the entertainment industry.

After several weeks, the studios and writers have not been able to agree on how to divide the revenue  from digital content that's distributed over the Internet and through DVD sales.

Our show looks at how both sides have come out swinging, something we've reported on before.

Bambi and John also highlight some of the content production companies emerging across the web, many of which are participating in the Demand Media/ challenge.

Featured in this episode are the following companies/projects: Fun Little Movies, Four Your Imagination, Lionwake Records,, Abigail's X-rated Teen Diary,, MyFilmU, In The City of Truth, Johnny Berlin.

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Hayden Black, on November 26, 2007

Evil Global Corporation - producer of both Goodnight Burbank and Abigail's X-Rated Teen Diary - is already receiving a lions share of media coverage because of the strike. In just two weeks, the LA Times, Backstage Magazine, LA Weekly, Fox 11 News, and an upcoming New York Times article all rave about how well each show is performing. We're also in talks with an executive producer of a major TV comedy who wants to bring Abigail to TV (incidentally; since launching less than 2 months ago, Abigail is already approaching a million views).

This is definitely a great time for showing the world that well-produced, consistently funny, web-based content is a draw for audiences.

Kevin Bromber
Kevin Bromber, on November 26, 2007

If you want to help support the writers, tune in every Monday - Wednesday and Friday from Noon - 2PM PST as United Hollywood the voice of the WGA writers broadcast live from in studio and live from the strike lines. Call-in, text chat and show your support:

David Saad
David Saad, on November 26, 2007

Very good reporting.

Bambi knows the subject and is asking all the right questions. That feeds John who is very articulate. I think the report is informative, entertaining, and much more effective than hearing it on TV or reading about it in the newspapers.

BTW, I can't remember the last time that I read anything from the papers.

As far as the substance is concerned, I agree with the writers.

Keep up the good work.


Thomas Rigler
Thomas Rigler, on November 27, 2007

Great story, very informative, certainly puts this unfortunate stand-off in perspective. It's all about 4 cents ?You can only hope that too many repeats will lead to more consumption of scripted quality content like Good Night Burbank and everything else that's been perculating duringt he last few months. Maybe the break the space needs to finally send us into the mainstream?
Since it's all about the writing, my only hope is that it's not happening on the backs of other talented creators who're currently sidelined due to the strike. One would hope it simply demonstrates how significant the numbers of viewer attraction and consumption have become.

Clay Nichols
Clay Nichols, on November 28, 2007

Excellent report. I think it's pretty awkward for independent web tv producers to talk about benefitting from the writer's strike -- lots of friends on those picket lines -- though I do think the underlying cause of the strike (they want some of our action) and the wandering audience bode well for us. By the way,, one of the first to post a pitch here, is now partnered with For Your Imagination. Check out the relaunched site.

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