Online Dating On Steroids? 1:1 Interview with Woome founder/CEO Stephen Stokols

Entrepreneur interview by Bambi Francisco Roizen
October 2, 2007
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Online dating sites have been proliferating in the past couple of years. Stephen Stokols, founder and CEO of, provides a sneak preview of his new online speed dating and social networking platform which will launch on November 10th (to apply for early access, you should register at Stephen explains what genres of the live voice-only or voice-video speed dating sessions have already been created and what it means to be wooed in a session. Stephen also elaborates on the target demographic, the site's business model based on the sale of ‘Woo' credits, and the projected market size of speed dating. Finally, Stephen talks about how his site compares to subscription service matchmaking sites as well as his own speed dating experience. To see Stephen's pitch for Woome click here, and - while you're reflecting on the online dating space - you may also want to check out James Hong's pitch for his site Hot or Not. Enjoy the show and see you on!