Frequently Asked Questions

How can Vator help me?

Vator is a community of entrepreneurs, investors and people interested in innovation.

As a registered user you can:

  • Connect: Discover, find, connect with and learn from people in the innovation community, including potential customers, employees, partners, investors, and, of course other entrepreneurs.
  • You'll also be alerted to the actions of people you're connected to. So, if your connection, Bob Smith, starts following a company, you'll be alerted to that action on your homepage.
  • Follow: Get information straight from the company, and keep tabs on them directly from your dashboard or via email updates.
  • Participate in the VatorNews newsroom, as a contributor.
  • Get the VatorNews newsletter.
  • Create your own competition to source startups.

With a company profile you can:

  • Share "News Bites" – or short updates about what's happening at your company.
  • Drive awareness: You can start getting driving awareness of your company as you build followers.
  • Brag: You can have your investors or champions recommend your company for others to see, and say "Wow!"
  • Compete: Become one of the dozens of companies that have already won recognition, prizes and access to top corporate buyers, VCs, and media organizations by participating in a competition.

What is the "News Bites" micro-blog news feed?

"News Bites" is a micro-blogging tool located on company profiles. It allows you (the admins of the company profile) to send brief (280 character) messages to the people following your company on Vator.

The messages are displayed for your followers on their homepage, and sent via personalized email to them. If you have company Twitter or Facebook accounts, the messages can also be posted there automatically.

How do I become a recommended company to follow?

Companies selected by Vator editors and who actively post (once a week) are put on the recommended list.

How do I invite someone to have admin/edit rights of my company profile?

  1. Scroll down to where it says: Company admin/followers.
  2. Click that button and invite.

How can I keep a company profile private?

You can choose to show your company profile with the entire Vator community or you can choose to keep your company profile private by setting it to private. Go to your company profile edit page and hit "Privacy."

How do I change my personal information?

You can change your name, age, and/or add to your personal information by going hitting your name on the top navigation.

How can I change my email address and/or password?

Your e-mail address is found under "Settings" at the top right-hand corner of the page.

Can I delete a comment that I have written on a company profile or a news post?

You can delete the comments you made.

How can I become a Vator contributor in the newsroom?

To become a contributor, go to the newsroom and hit "Become a contributor". You will automatically have publishing rights and your own channel.

How do I delete my account or profile on Vator?

I do not wish to receive additional emails from Vator. How do I unsubscribe?

You can set your email preferences from your account settings page.

What is the Vator, Inc. Refund Policy? How do I cancel a Subscription?

You can find the Vator, Inc. Refund Policy below:

Vator, Inc. Refund Policy - version 1. Last updated September 1, 2009

To cancel a Subscription, contact [email protected] with your request and account details.

Where can I find the Ackrell/Vator Investor Network (AVIN) FAQ?

Click the following to access the AVIN FAQ page.