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Wine 2.0 Business Plan Competition

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Calling all wine related start-ups!  Wine 2.0 and Vator.tv have partnered to launch the first Wine 2.0 Vator.tv Business Plan Competition for the hottest wine or wine-related company. Any person with an idea or established company in the wine industry can enter regardless of what stage the company is in.  Just upload your pitch on Vator.tv, then click on "participate in this competition." 


How to win:  Video pitches with the highest ratings, highest views and most comments will be selected by Vator.tv.  Chris Moore, a venture capitalist at Redpoint Ventures, will choose the final winner.


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Prize: The winner will receive two prizes:  a two-hour consultation with Donna McDonald and Anita Ettinger, the two principals of Maquette Interior Design, and a one-hour meeting with Chris Moore of Redpoint Ventures to receive solid financial and industry advice, possibly funding.


About the prizes:

Chris Moore is a venture capitalist at Redpoint Ventures focused on consumer Internet companies. Not only is Chris a wine lover, he has operational experience in the industry. Prior to joining IVP, Chris led business development efforts for Wine.com, the online wine retailer, and held various product management positions at Wine.com.


Maquette Interior Design serves young companies and transitioning companies.  They specialize in translating a company's brand into an interior that is not only functional and attractive but maximizes brand impact on customers and employees.  They understand the full marketing power of interiors and standout in their field because they have the design skills and business, branding expertise to transform an interior into one of the most effective forms of marketing collateral.  They also have the flexibility, resourcefulness and bottom line focus to work effectively with rapidly growing young companies and midsized companies going through transition.


Winner announced:  October 15, 2007

This program is over




11 companies participated in this program