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Venture Challenge - Business Plan Competition

Have the next great idea? Win up to $35,000!

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Venture Challenge


Looking for the Buisness Concept competition?  Click Here!

UK's Venture Challenge is a business plan and business concept competition designed to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. The winning teams will go on to represent UK at Kentucky's statewide competition, Idea State U. The contest is open to almost any type of product, service or charitable activity a proposed for-profit or non-profit venture would offer.  


Business Plan Competition (BPC) is for complete and detailed formal business plans that include, among other elements, detailed financial projections and business implementation steps. The BPC is for new, independent proposed ventures in the seed, start-up, or early growth stage. 

If you have a more conceptual idea without a detailed business plan, apply for the Business Concept Competition (BCC).



Enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Kentucky

Teams of 2-5 students (cross-discipline teams are encouraged)



Submit your Plan for review by our judge pannel.  You must also submit the Powerpoint presentation you will use at Venture Challenge by March 21, 2012.



All entries must be received by March 21, 2012

Final judging will take place on March 24, 2012 at the Venture Challenge



The competition places emphasis on business concepts and plans that are scored by independent judges as most likely to result in successful, high-growth ventures.



1st place: $2,000, box seats to Keeneland for one day, and a paid sponsorship to represent UK at Idea State U where teams are eligible to win up to $35,000

2nd place: $1,000 

(Note: awards are shared between the Business Concept Competition and the Business Plan Competition)

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