DEMO - USC Marshall School of Business Innovation Conference 2018

DEMO - USC Marshall School of Business Innovation Conference 2018

Startup Pitch Competition
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About the Center

The USC Marshall Center for Global Innovation is the leading center in the world for research on global innovation. Innovation itself is a key driver of the welfare of consumers, the success of firms, and the wealth of nations. The Center creates and disseminates cutting edge research on how innovation helps firms compete, grow, and succeed in today's global environment.

What Distinguishes This Center

Unlike other innovation centers and institutes, this Center focuses on market data rather than opinion or survey to identify the factors that make companies, countries, and R&D clusters innovative. No other Center inside or outside of universities is based on such research on a global scale.


Location: Lloyd Greif Center for Enterpreneurial Studies, USC
Date: May 1, 2017

On May 1, the Greif Center hosted the inaugural Greif Research Affliates Colloquium. Twelve faculty from four different departments presented their current work. The Colloquium Program can be found below

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