Teach For America Social Innovation Award 2012

Teach For America Social Innovation Award 2012

Teach For America Social Innovation Award 2012
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What is it?


The Teach For America Social Innovation Award is intended to spark bold, new innovations that expand opportunities and close the achievement gap in low-income communities.  The award will distribute financial and in-kind benefits to one or more winners who would not be able to launch their idea/venture without the funding and support on offer.    


Who’s it for?


You must be a new or emerging entrepreneur and current Teach For America corps member or alum to apply.  Teach For America staff are not eligible to apply unless they meet this previous criterion.  For ideas or ventures that include non-corps members or alumni, the idea originator and founder/director (or other senior level organizational position) of the venture must be a Teach For America corps member or alum.  This award is intended for people who would not be able to launch their idea without it.


How does it work?

The online application submission platform will open on July 15 2011 at 9am EDT and will close on October 15 2011 at 5pm PDT.  The application form will consist of four parts: a resume, a written response, a supplemental information sheet and a video pitch.  All components must be submitted through the online platform by the closing date to be considered for the Innovation Award.  No late submissions or applications submitted through channels other than this platform will be considered. 


Use the following materials to complete your Award application.


Application Materials

Application Form

Supplemental Information Form


Support Materials

Application Submission Instructions

Application Submission Checklist

Guide to Effective Idea Pitching


Selection Criteria


  • Clear articulation of the problem you are trying to solve, insights into the root causes of the problem, and how the proposed solution addresses them
  • A solution that is different from those already attempting to solve similar problems
  • Early evidence or market research proving demand or potential for this ide

Transformative Impact & Sustainability:

  • The degree to which the idea addresses educational inequity and shows promise to create system-wide impact as opposed to incremental changes OR to serve a underserved market in a scalable manner
  • Clear definition of success and how it will be measured, in the short and long term
  • Evidence potential for the idea to scale and spread and/or alter the status quo

Leadership Skills

  • Deep passion or experience that make you the best person to launch this idea
  • Clear vision and articulated pathway for how you will meet your venture goals of the venture
  • Evidence of entrepreneurial skills demonstrated through new ventures launched or programs/initiatives started within an existing venture
  • Evidence of ability to mobilize stakeholders in support of this idea

Idea Development Stage

  • The degree to which this award will be transformative for the entrepreneur and her venture rather than just a welcome bonus 



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