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MobileBeat 2009 Competition

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Vator, Inc. and VentureBeat have teamed up to find the most promising mobile application and mobile services companies to present at MobileBeat 2009.

VentureBeat, a premier technology blog, is looking to profile the best application and service companies — those that promise to change peoples’ lives while they’re on the go.


Fourteen companies will get to give a two-minute pitch in front of a high-level audience: Some 400 top mobile executives from start-ups and larger companies, venture capitalists, publishers, media, device makers and OS platforms (for example, we’ll have Palm’s Michael Abbott as a speaker, the first time a Palm executive has made an appearance since the Pre’s launch). Additionally, after the pitches, winners will receive the Telsa award.

When to submit: Deadline is July 6. (Competition extended)

Winners will be notified soon after. 

How to apply: Submit your Vator company profile to this competition page. If you don't have a company profile, please register and create one. Come back to this competition page, and hit "Participate in competition." You must also fill out the application page on VentureBeat.

Who should apply: Mobile application companies (extra consideration is given to those leveraging the platforms: Android, Rim, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm, or Apple’s iPhone) and Mobile services companies

How to win: VentureBeat's board of advisors will select seven application companies and seven services companies. 

There is no charge to apply!

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