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InTech is a showcase of some of the most promising software products created by Indian entrepreneurs. A panel of CXOs , Venture Capitalists, and Product Leaders from previous successes will judge the best fifty companies that make the cut to be part of InTech50. These chosen companies will get a platofrm to showcase their product to CXOs from Banking, Financial Services and Invsurance verticals at InTech50. They also receive advice, on-going mentoring, product marketing support, and funding to scale their offering to the global markets. 

 So why InTech50? 

The founders of InTech50 truly believe that the Indian start-up ecosystem is on the cusp of explosive growth in innovating for the enterprise, society, and for social causes that will alleviate the quality of human life. We bring global experience, wealth of knowledge in dealing with global markets, and true enterprise-level insights to help these companies scale their vision. 

InTech50 provides these entrepreneurs with a platform to showcase their innovations to folks who are visionaries in their own way and have the knack of seeing possibilities very quickly. The platform will create possibilities that we can think of but more importantly it will create a network that will evolve in ways that we cannot predict in any way!


Deadline for applications:
9 days

Tuesday, April 04, 2017 10:30 AM PDT (date enrollment ends)