Greenstart: $150k and design services for Cleanweb

Greenstart: $150k and design services for Cleanweb

Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency, Consumer Services, and Transportation Companies with a Software Component
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Greenstart is the leading seed-stage venture firm and boutique design studio for Cleanweb (intersection of cleantech and IT). Submit your materials to be considered:

A quick list of the benefits of being in the Greenstart portfolio:

  • $150k convertible note
  • Free business model, product, and brand design services at time of investment.
  • Access to Cleanweb design studio for life of company.
  • An instant network of 75 amazing mentors and a robust ecosystem of potential customers, partners, investors, etc.
  • Fundraising help.
  • Exposure: our current startups have been profiled in NYTimes, Earth2Tech, VatorNews, and more

It usually takes about three months from the time we meet a startup before we start working together. But it's not unusual for us to stay in touch with a company for up to a year, before we work together.

You should know:

We don't do batches of startups at a time.

We make 10-12 investments per year, at the rate of roughly one per month.

We only work with Cleanweb companies.

We invest in roughly 2% of the startups we consider.