DOCSF Innovation Awards

DOCSF Innovation Awards

Bridging: Technology + Orthopaedics
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DOCSF: Bridging = Technology + Orthopaedics

DOCSF is seeking 8 innovative technology companies in the health care space.

Each company will present case studies of their products or platforms at the 2018 Digital Orthopaedics Conference to 200 curated health care leaders. The Digital Orthopaedics Conference is in San Francisco, CA on January 7th, 2018, just before the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. 

DOCSF will highlight the use of AI/ML, Robotics/ Robots/ Automation, VR/AR/MR and 3D printing technologies and how they can be applied in health care. Winner presentations will be available on the conference website. DOCSF will be live streamed. 

You are asked to submit a 250-word summary of your case study. You may submit more than one case study (though only one case study will be accepted per company). The case studies will be evaluated by a panel of judges. 16 finalists will be selected for an online presentation. Of these, 8 finalists will be asked to present at DOCSF18.

DOCSF aims to catalyze the adoption of digital health technologies in the world of musculoskeletal care by convening KOLs, C-Suite health care leaders, innovative thinkers, and industry on focused topics. The 2017 conference was a hot topic on Twitter and the subject of much discussion at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference the following week. 

Deadline for applications:
about 7 weeks

Friday, September 08, 2017 11:30 AM PDT (date enrollment ends)