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Crown Scholars Video Competition

Win one of five $2,000 Scholarships to ASU Students

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Crown Scholars


What is it?

Crown Scholars is a scholarship competition that is being organized by Entrepreneurs@ASU and Eric J. Crown Co-Founder of Insight Enterprises. This is a way for students who are creative, innovative and entrepreneurial to show their talent in the form of a video and short application

What does the video have to be about?

All you have to do is record yourself answering the question "If i had a million dollars today, what would I do to change the world" You have up to two minutes, but as long as you answer the question, you're in!

How does it work?

From April 1st to May 31st incoming and current ASU students can submit their video on the Competition page of Crown Scholars (you're on it!) and applications will be accepted through the Crown Scholars Website. It is important to note that, your application is not complete without both submitting your video on Vator.TV and submitting your application at the Crown Sholars Website. However, they don't need to be submitted at the same time, just as long as both are submitted by May 1st. The longer you wait to submit your video, the shorter amount of time you have to vote!

Timeline:  April 1st through May 1st.

The Competition runs between April 1st and May 1st, the participants will be voted on by judges and by popular vote. 

How to apply:

Submissions are in the form of a Vator company profile. We encourage video as it gives us a better sense of who’s behind the company. For what to include in your video, see below under, "see more details"

How do you submit:

Already on Vator?
Just click the "participate in this competition" button on the top right of this competition page.

Not yet on Vator?
It's quick, easy and free. First register. Then create a profile for yourself. You can select yourself as being a student, or if you're employed or run your own company, you can fill that out as well. Please upload a photo of yourself on your profile page, and then submit your video through the "edit/upload content" link to the right of your profile. See HERE for an example. 

How to win:

Have a great video, have a lot of votes and have fun! Share with friends family and everyone you know! Videos will be featured on the Crown Scholars website as well as the Facebook and Twitter of Entrepreneurs@ASU. There will be a total of 5 winners of this competition, each winning $2,000 each in financial aid money at Arizona State University. Please see www.crownscholars.com for more information. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Application is not complete without filling out the application on www.crownscholars.com/apply/

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