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College Mogul and Vator.tv Challenge

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College Mogul and Vator.tv have recognized that both companies ultimately aim to achieve the same goal of showcasing entrepreneurs and startups. They've teamed up to find the next best college start up company!

*College Mogul profiles and reviews new and existing companies,organizations and technologies developed by students and recent college graduates. It is the leading source for all information and media pertaining to Generation Y entrepreneurship.



1. Introduction to three venture capitalists for potential investment.
2. Press coverage by College Mogul and Vator.tv.
3. 2 month advertising spot on College Mogul


Do I qualify?

Any college start up can participate in the contest. We encourage all college students, graduate students, recent graduates who have a startup company to join the competition.


What should I submit?

Submissions are in the form of a video pitch or PDF or PPT. But we really encourage video so Vator can highlight and feature some of the pitches throughout the duration of the contest.


How do I submit?

Already on Vator:
Just click the "participate in this competition" button on the top right of this competition page.

Not yet on Vator:
It's quick, easy and free. Register a user profile, then click the top left yellow "create" button to do your company profile. The more comprehensive that your company profile is, the more likely to get votes, ratings and be reviewed. Once you create your company profile, then just click the "participate in this competition" button on the top right of this competition page.

How do I win?

Vator competitions use the "wisdom of the crowds" approach to find true gems. At Vator, we let the Vator community determine the the top five companies, based off of number of votes, and company network size.From these top five, it's up to the final judges, consisting of College Mogul's team and the Vator founders (Cyril Brignone and Bambi Francisco), to determine which company will have a chance to present their company to VCs for free.

Winner's Tip: Getting ahead of the game with your votes......

The best way to increase your votes is getting your Facebook friends to vote for you! You can easily ping your friends to vote by using the Facebook button above your network section on your company profile.


 *Would you like to be featured on College Mogul? Contact CM at collegemogul2@gmail.com.


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