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AlwaysOn "Media game-changers" competition

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Calling all private media and advertising companies!


Vator.tv and AlwaysOn are looking for game-changing players in the advertising, marketing and promotion space. We're looking for innovators who are redefining the way marketers reach audiences and change the nature of the relationship between brands and their consumers.

This is part of Vator.tv and AlwaysOn's latest business-plan contest called the Vator/AO Media game-changers competition, and is in conjunction with AO's OnMedia conference in New York in January 2008.


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What do you win? As with all the Vator.tv/AO winners, the founder or executive of the winning business plan will be flown to the AlwaysOn OnMedia event at the end of January. At the event, the winner will be able to give a six-minute CEO pitch to an audience of AlwaysOn investors and attendees. They will also be featured in AO’s quarterly print "blogozine" and on the Vator.tv and AlwaysOn sites.  


Past winners of the Vator.tv/AO contests include TasteTV and d.light design.


Who should participate?  

Anyone can participate. We encourage students - high school, college, graduate - to entrepreneurs and inventors from around the world to anyone with an idea, really. Ideally, AO is seeking the following:  

Online Ad Service Providers:  New ad networks and other front line advertising services.

Technology Enablers: Tools and infrastructure for next generation advertising.

Community Platforms
: Social Networking, advertising integration, and innovation.

Mobile Adverting and Marketing: Bringing advertising to the mobile experience.

In -Content Advertising: Companies developing content/advertising hybrids for.audio, video, and games.

Web Analytics: Making sense of an ocean of data.

Pioneers: Trailblazers in online advertising.

What to submit:
Submissions are in the form of a video pitch or PDF or PPT. But we really encourage video so Vator can highlight and feature some of the pitches throughout the duration of the contest. Also, the video pitch will likely receive more votes, ratings and views.
How to submit:
Register and hit "upload a pitch" and create a profile for your submission. The more comprehensive, the more likely to get votes, ratings and be reviewed. 

How to win:

Vator competitions uses the "wisdom of the crowds" approach to find true gems. At Vator, we let the Vator community winnow down the selection process for the final team of judges, consisting of AO's editorial team. So, get the Vator community to help find those winners. These video pitches will be public so the Vator community can help vet the deals. So, for those pitching, encourage your friends or colleagues to comment and rate your video pitches and/or to upload their own video pitch about why your video pitch is the best. For those who don't want to share their secret sauce, share what you can. But remember: Success is 2% idea, 98% execution. In other words: Ideas are one thing, executing is everything.


What should you include in your 2-minute pitch?


You can include anything, really. But here are some guidelines:

  • Be original
  • Demonstrate your value proposition
  • Make it fun and entertaining
  • Explain the market size/opportunity
  • Avoid interview style presentations (boring!)
  • Tell us what keeps you up at night
  • Why are you better than your rivals? (And don't say you don't have any!)
  • What was the original need that sparked the idea for your start-up?
  • How does your role as a start-up entrepreneur impact your life?
  • What have you sacrificed for your start-up?
  • What if it fails?
The competition ends on Jan. 2, 2008.  (Yes, we pushed back the date to give you more time!)


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