Running programs

  • Gigaom GAIN AI Startup Challenge
    Is your AI start-up aiming to disrupt enterprises?   Enter the Gigaom AI Startup challenge, and win the opportunity to present your company at the ... [Read more]
  • Ivy Startup Conference
    The Ivy Startup Conference is diversifying the pitching landscape. ISC strives to amplify inclusion and diversity amongst Ivy circuit investments. In addition, ISC is connecting ... [Read more]
  • Samsung Accelerator - Female Founders, Apply for Funding!
    Samsung Acceleratorp rovides strategic capital at the seed stage, office space, operatio nal and product expertise to entrepreneurs so they can build market-driven software and services. We are ... [Read more]
  • Samsung NEXT Start
      Calling all AI/ ML, IoT, AR/VR, Analytics and other deep tech startups!   Samsung NEXT Start is seeking to invest between $100k and $1 million ... [Read more]
  • InTech50
    InTech is a showcase of some of the most promising software products created by Indian entrepreneurs. A panel of CXOs , Venture Capitalists, and Product ... [Read more]
  • Demo Competition
    Apply to the Splash LA 2016 cohort. Be among the top 8 startups to present on stage at Splash LA on Oct. 13 in front ... [Read more]
    CannaVator applicants apply via the VatorX platform.   Vator members log in here. Or, if you don't have a Vator profile, please register to become a ... [Read more]
  • Cisco Investment Innovators Network
      Through our $2 billion active portfolio, Cisco Investments has created relations with hundreds of entrepreneurs, tech executives and investors. We realize the importance ... [Read more]
  • Vator Investment Club
    The Vator Investment Club seeks startups that are changing the world through innovative technologies and clever business models.   We are industry agnostic, but look ... [Read more]

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  • 2017 MergeLane Accelerator
    MergeLane discovers, accelerates and invests in high-potential female leaders. MergeLane’s investment fund and startup accelerator targets startups with at least one woman in leadership. MergeLane’s ... [Read more]
  • Vator Splash LA
    Apply to the Splash LA 2016 cohort. Be among the top 8 startups to present on stage at Splash LA on Oct. 13 in front ... [Read more]
  • University of Texas at Austin
          TRAINING THE NEXT GENERATION OF ENTREPRENEURS     500k students world-wide   Blackstone LaunchPad is a campus based entrepreneurship program, accessible ... [Read more]
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