Location: 2 Horsley Drive, Horsley, NSW, Australia, Wollongong, Australia
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Company description

Whizbang is a user-centred product support system using video.

For the end user: Whizbang is a handy application that uses short videos to show you how to use your new products quickly and easily. You can instantly access each video by simply scanning the product packaging with a mobile device for free. Whizbang also provides a complete "one stop" product support service including email, phone support, manual downloads etc It also assists in buying new products by providing product videos on retail sites via a site widget.

For the retailer & brand Whizbang reduces the return rate. Studies show that manufacturers lose a significant portion of their profits through returned goods and most of these returns are without fault. Whizbang will launch with user-generated content (incentives include competitions and a tipping system), gradually inviting manufacturers to integrate their own videos. The main revenue is generated through the sponsorship of product pages by manufacturers.

Business model

Although the service is free for users, our main revenue will come from the product brands who wish to control the product pages that we host. For a small monthly premium, they will receive:
(1) control over what videos are shown (particularly with the user generated content)
(2) control of all advertising on the page
(3) a customer touch point ( direct contact with our members)
(4) the facility to engage in negative customer reviews & feedback
(5) a second chance to offer product warranties & insurance

Companies will also be able to sponsor video competitions to motivate the production of user generated content thereby gaining third party endorsement.

We will market the service to users via a retail widget which we will offer for free to all online retailers in return for advertising our product support platform. They may also pay a monthly subscription for a white label version of the widget if they prefer.
The widget will automatically propagate their retail site with product videos for most of their products.

Competitive advantage

Compared to YouTube

  • We provide direct access to quality instructional videos for products  (by just scanning a barcode). There is no need to search.
  • We provide a full product support referral system along with the videos.
  • The user can maintain a record of their products and any videos they have viewed so they can easily go back to them for further help in the future.

    Compared to individual company websites:

  • It is user centred rather than product centred so that the user can find all the information that they need about their product in the one place.
  • Can easily return to the information via their account at any time.
  • Each product page on Whizbang is similar so that users can become familiar with the system, whereas individual support sites vary tremendously & can be an effort to navigate & find what users want.