Location: London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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We Love Work

London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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We Love Work is a hiring app which predicts culture fit and values alignment between individuals and teams. We help companies improve employee engagement and retention, saving them millions on employee turnover costs each year. Our platform helps companies build better, more productive teams and work environments that are in line with the values and motivations of their employees. As you may know, employee turnover costs US businesses over $7 billion dollars each year and the number one reason for employees leaving their job is culture mismatch. 71% of millennials are disengaged at work and this is a big problem for many UK businesses. After 8 years working in the recruitment industry our team set out to solve the problem of employee turnover caused by employees not being engaged or a good fit for the company culture.