Location: 2150 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704, Berkeley, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 09/2016, Accelerator/Incubator: $100 k
- Date: 09/2015, Accelerator/Incubator: $50 k
Short URL: vator.co/vyrill


Videos, realized
Berkeley, California, United States United States
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Company description

Vyrill provides digital marketers at consumer brands a single one-stop dashboard (enterprise tool) to automatically discover, manage, analyze and act upon video content by individual product from multiple social media channels like youtube, facebook, vimeo, wistia, instagram etc. Our dashboard speaks the language of digital marketers.

Brands can find video content on the dashboard by individual product, product category, social media channel, country, language, type of creators - fans, experts, press, brands, and competitors. Brands can measure user generated product video engagement including live video by platform, compare engagement across multiple video platforms, get an analysis of video performance, find video influencers, and track competition videos. Vyrill offers new ways to influence purchases during the customer journey with fan or expert videos on product page, by automatically placing "buy" buttons on 3rd party user generated videos and with a host of marketing widgets and an API.

Vyrill aggregates content from multiple sites, smartly matching videos to product IDs, product information and purchase URL; it generates useful hashtags and sentiment analysis with machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing algorithms. The automatic video analysis is essential to scale up to aggregate and tag billions of videos by product categories, for all consumer products, countries and languages.

Business model

The current model is a freemium model. Brands can try for 60 day trial period and after which they pay by number of products and their videos managed on our platform. Our buyer is digital marketer, our sign off comes from Chief Marketing Officer and the buying influencers are digital marketing agencies.

This is our current SAAS business model that we are testing - 
1-10 SKUs - $200 per month minimum charge. 
11-50 SKUs - $2000 per month 
51-100 SKUs - $3500 per month 
100+ SKUs – Negotiable

We will offer an API in near future so brands, retailers, e-commerce sites and service providers can pull analyzed and enhanced videos from our database for multiple applications.


Competitive advantage


The team has background in machine learning and working with Consumer Product Goods (CPG) Brands. Barbara (CTO) has a Ph.D. in machine learning and natural language processing from U.C.Berkeley. She previously worked at Intel research laboratories on image and text recognition. Ajay (CEO) is a serial entrepreneur with 13+ years of experience in mobile, marketing, consumer and enterprise tools. Ajay sold his 1st startup - Modiv Media to Catalina Marketing for $30 million. Ajay was co-founder and CTO at Modiv media. Ajay is a computer scientist by background and he had built a mobile app at Modiv Media, where consumers could scan, bag and checkout as they are walking around inside super-markets with their mobile devices. Ajay had built a media platform for Consumer Packaged Good companies to deliver coupons and offers to shoppers in real time via the mobile app. Brian (Head of Design) graduated from KPBC (Kleiner Perkins Byers and Caufield) Design Fellows program, where he graduated as a top UI/UX designer and was employed by UBER on the design team in an internship program. Brian brings top UI/UX experience to the table.


Most video centric analytic and marketing tools are not putting themselves in the shoes of brand managers and digital marketers. Brand managers want to analyze video data, compare data, track competition and do marketing at product, product category, country, platform and brand level. Any analytic tool that does not give analysis and action by product and across platforms is a non-starter for many brands. Automating video discovery, analysis, analysis and action will help brand managers do their jobs more effectively, reduce marketing costs and drive up product sales. We also have the technical expertise in machine learning to analyze videos with the following meta data -text, audio and images.

 Currently, digital marketers at consumer brands and agencies have to go to individual platforms like youtube, facebook, vimeo, instagram to discover, analyze and market video content. And when do they do so, all these platforms give is a list of videos with bare minimum analysis of what's inside the video, almost no sentiment analysis, barebones on the demographics and details of influencers and do not break analysis data by product, which is what most brand managers care about. None of the videos can be sorted by product, product category, similar competition, brands, creator type etc. Most user generated product video content is searched manually and inefficiently by 3 to 5 interns with keywords and not organized automatically by product. As a result digital marketers are missing out on re-marketing opportunities across platforms or leveraging great video content from fans, experts and press about their products in their online and in-store marketing campaigns. Thus as a consumer brand manager, one cannot really measure video effectiveness at product level and platform level through a single dashboard. There is no way to compare video metrics across multiple platforms to build marketing strategies or understand what competition is doing. Today its costing brands $$, time and resources as a result of no automation.

Instead with Vyrill tools, we solve the above problems. Example - As a Fitbit brand manager, one can now see all their video content across multiple platforms organized by individual fitbit products or fitbit product category. Get alerts on new video content automatically. Fitbit can compare video data across multiple channels like youtube vs. facebook. Fitbit can now follow videos created for competition like Misfit or Jawbone. Fitbit can discover and reach out to influencers & fitness gurus with most followers to create new video content for new product launches. Fitbit can bring positive sentiment fan videos now on their product page on their website to drive more product sales and cross promote video content across platforms with Vyrill marketing widgets.