Location: Jan van Galenstraat , Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
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Company description


I see big potential with this new pioneer product. by using new virtual reality technology, you can develop a new virtual reality platform where people can direct their own virtual film, in a form of a new social interactive game, this can be used by mobile, and later you can also roll as a VR game (via a VR goggles that you can direct your own scenes, but also famous scene, linked to your mobile). see below the game tutorial.


Viewborgg is the inventor, developer of the virtual reality game Director CUTT. Virtual reality is developing so fast that the 3D ànd mixed reality graphics become more realistic, we integrate more and more new features and options in the game. think of voice recognition technology has been linked to the virtual reality game.


  • Khalid Dadah
    Khalid Dadah | Team member
    I am an all-round security Specialist, Creative, Creator, Songwriter and Record producer. My passion is to invents, produces and generates new productive ideas and concepts. specialism: - Concept Developer. - Creative Strategy. - Creative Engineer...
Business model

The business model is our users who play the game, If you think in longer term, you can also work with motion picture studios and filmmakers, production companies, for example to add new movie scenes in the game, but also other content, this provides new opportunities for promotion, advertising, brands, marketing, distribution models of your new movie or other content. So you interact with our user of the game, users can win tickets again for premieres and other exciting prizes with brands.  


Competitive advantage

What I try to do here is pioneering this may lead to new business models in the creative and digital industries