Velour Imports
Location: Houston, Texas, United States United States
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 06/2017, Seed: $400 k (post valuation: $3000000).
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Velour Imports

The Flavors of America, the Favorites of the World
Houston, Texas, United States United States
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Company description

A technology based exporter of craft alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, cider, and spirits) made in America. Velour Imports is the beginning of an incorruptible global superhighway specifically for the distribution of craft beverages. This unprecedented use of technology and transportation, levels the playing field of international distribution for craft manufacturers across the nation. American craft breweries now have access to a co-op of professionals skilled in distribution, transportation, freight and logistics, and marketing. The historical strengths of distribution with today’s most innovative technology, Velour marks the beginning of the end of a stagnant distribution process for the consumer products - craft beer, wine, cider, and spirits.

  • Brooke Sinclair
    Brooke Sinclair | Founder
    As a 4 year-old, I wanted to be a lawyer for poor people. I no longer want to be lawyer, however maintain that same level of dedication for serving others.
Business model

Velour fits the Virtual Business Model because it is reliant on information technology (IT) to

optimize cost-effective operations and enhance the development of products.  There are a limited number of employees, management is competent in product and business development, and the majority of operations are performed outside Velour.   


  • Standardization is key.

    • Standardize procurement, operations, and sales

    • Standardize sales, pickup, and consolidation schedules


  • Reduction of real estate expenses

    • Collect from directly from manufacturer

    • No storing or warehousing  


  • Distributing workforce is also key.

    • Workers primarily remote

    • Meeting and Office Space - Station Houston (Hub for Tech Startups and Innovation)

    • Occasionally utilize co-work spaces when traveling


Competitive advantage

Brooke Sinclair and her team are the competitive edge of the organization.   The team cumulatively offers nearly thirty years of experience in business and interpersonal relationships in the major industries of sales, operations, and technology.     

Few individuals truly understand how to optimize the inner workings of freight and logistics or how to strategically integrate cloud-based, project management software (ERP, SaaS, Inventory Tracking, e-Document delivery, and Quality Control). 

Furthermore, the organization requires all employees to uphold an oath to not hold financial stake in any business with products being distributed through the company’s distribution channels.  Or the channels of any subsidiaries or partners.