Location: Austin, Texas, United States United States
Founded in: 2017
Stage: Revenue generating
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Safety & Compliance Solutions
Austin, Texas, United States United States
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Velocity Vue is in a unique position.  We have a sellable product and functional new MVP poised to address the corporate SaaS/PaaS market.  We have an existing commercial pipeline, and no debt or liabilities.  We have identified a problem that needs solving in a controlled market with massive potential.  Velocity Vue has the solution and expertise to solve this problem.

There is a niche within the safety and compliance market, where we have acquired expertise, and can deliver the required tool, and generate revenue in 2017.  


  • Most safety compliance needs of contractors are currently completed manually with high error rate.
  • Safety software in the market is very expensive and does not do an adequate job.  
  • Safety users must be well trained in their compliance while implementing many changing procedures and regulations. Updates must be distributed rapidly and efficiently while adherence is tracked.
  • 508 ADA compliance is becoming more of a burden.
  • Contractors are not paid if safety and compliance are not appropriately documented in the government sector.
  • Data generated from tasks must be collected and stored for analysis.
  • App Fatigue from too many apps/icons on the device is causing less adherence.  


Velocity Vue delivers an OS agnostic, mobile application development and delivery platform applying unique factors including; rapid development, repository distribution, ADA compliance, real time reporting, and an API architecture.  Laymen, within hours, can develop and deploy mobile apps, and gather data from usage. This process could take months in a traditional development and distribution environment.  

On this platform, Velocity Vue is delivering a specific solution for the needs of the construction safety market, including field users, contractor office, form production, and government backend.  These solutions are sold as a SaaS low touch offering.  

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    We believe that the creation, distribution, and maintenance of mobile applications should be brought to the masses, not just in the hands of skilled developers. Delivering a platform for no code, easy to develop, simple to deploy, applications for...